New A.I. Software Replaces Voice Over Talent

We are all about finding cool new online marketing tools for our customers to leverage. A.I. has introduced us to yet another area that we found frustrating–hiring voice over talent. Finding the voice over talent on Fiverr or Upwork was one thing but communicating exactly what we wanted was a chore.  

Well we found a tool that takes all that tedious back-and-forth with voice over talent and kicks it to the curb where it belongs. This software called Speechelo uses the power of A.I. to create voice overs for videos in seconds. The software has an editor where text is placed, and yes–you can cut and paste right from a Word or Google doc.  

Once the text is placed the software will start reading the text, kinda like the bouncing ball on those childhood cartoons. The cursor reads aloud the text it encounters. The volume of speech can be adjusted, as well as the rate. Speechelo also allows for emphasis to be placed on certain words. 

There is more than 50 kinds of voice to select from,  female or male voice, accent, and 24 different languages. The A.I. engine will even check your text and will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound natural.

I was actually pretty blown away by the quality of the voice over. It’s almost impossible to tell that the voice is artificially generated.  What I like about it is the fluidity. You can test different voices, at different rates, and even with different scripts. Then when you nail down the one you want to use, you just export the file and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or WordPress. 

This eliminates all the back and forth with a voice over talent, and the wasted communication that ensues. 

I feel like I am totally not ‘selling’ the coolness of this software. I could see this being used for sales presentations, product or service launches, in emails and on websites. 

Do yourself a solid and at least check out their website. 

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