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3 Must-Have Documents for a WordPress Developer

As a WordPress developer, it is imperative that I clearly establish the requirements, deliverables, and payment process for each project I take on. Over the last 15 years, I have simplified the process down to the three most important, and regularly used documents here at Gabster Media.

WordPress Website Proposal

When someone hits me up to find out more about how I would approach their WordPress development project I need to clearly define the project with a project proposal. A WordPress website project proposal allows me to share a general overview of what the project request is, what the deliverable should be, and what the cost will be.

Independent Contractor Proposal

Another useful agreement is the independent contractor proposal. It is a more formal version of the WordPress developer proposal and can be used as a more general outline for a project or role. This agreement is less focused on the specific project requirements and serves more as a legal agreement to describe roles and liabilities. I like to use this when I am engaging with an advertising agency or if my services are being sub-contracted.

Mutual Non Disclosure

This agreement is essentially privacy protection essential to ensure that any project concepts or details are not shared or disclosed with anyone else other than the parties involved. Often I use the document before any cost or project proposals are submitted. It protects me from having my ideas and pricing ‘shopped’ and it protects the project of the prospective client.

Here are the 3 Documents Ready to Download for Free

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For More Legal Documents Gabster Media Recommends the Following Resource:

These legal forms are kept up-to-date and accurate by lawyers. guaranteed to be valid in your State, and available to sign online and download instantly,

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