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Pixlr: A Free Online Alternative to Photoshop

Pixlr is an online, free alternative to traditional image editing software like Photoshop. With more than 500 million users I am surprised if this is the first time you have heard of it. Actually, I’m not– because this is the first time I’ve written about it. 😀

The team here at Gabster Media started using Pixlr back in 2008 when I (Jason) was still working a day job and freelancing at night. While at work one day I needed to edit an image and did not have a license for Photoshop.

Before Photoshop became cloud based you had to actually download the software and my work computer would not let me do it. We had a design guy on staff but he was slow as hell and I needed this ASAP.

This was a few years prior to my starting Gabster, so I did not have anyone nor any experience with this kind of stuff.

So I searched, hell might have been Yahoo! search back then that I was using, and used the keywords “Online alternative to Photoshop“.


I found Pixlr and have been using it ever since.

The brainchild of Swedish developer Ola Sevandersson, Pixlr was introduced in August 2008 to enable everyone to create, edit and share images online with ease.

In 2011, Autodesk, Inc. acquired Pixlr to enhance its image editing products and successfully boosted its overall users to millions worldwide.

Today, Pixlr is an integral part of the INMAGINE creative ecosystem that aims to make design easy and accessible to all.

Since acquiring Pixlr in 2017, the world’s most widely used cloud and mobile photo editing suite has undergone tremendous product development to update its core engine. The updates now include the ability to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to accelerate and revolutionize content creation.

In 2020, Pixlr Market was launched in line with the ecosystem’s promise to deliver smarter, faster, and easier design experiences for the creative community.

(source Pixlr About Us Page)

What is especially cool is that Pixlr offers two versions, Pixlr X which is great for fast edits like changing the image size, rotate, scale or changing the background of an image; along with common photo editing staples like Arrange, Crop, Cutout, Adjust, Filter, Effect, Liquify, Retouch, Draw, Text, Add Element, and Add Image.

Pixlr X screenshot of image editing options
Example of Pixlr X editing tools & features.

The other version that Pixlr offers is called Pixlr E which is much closer, and in my mind a rival to Photoshop in terms of the features it allows a user. Keep in mind that both of these versions are free. Below you’ll see a screenshot of Pixlr E.

Pixlr E Screenshot of omage editing tools.
Example of Pixlr E image editing tools and features.

As you can see, there is a lot of firepower inside. The Gabster Media team has been using this almost exclusivley. We will still use Photoshop for website design but when it comes to everyday use, Pixlr is our go-to.

Check out Pixlr Today

Pixlr is a free online photo editor right in your browser. Experience next level, intuitive photo editing with AI-powered tools for quick yet professional edits. Our editor open almost any image format such as PSD (Photoshop), PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG and more.

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