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WordPress and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

With the announcement of Google’s newest open source project, Accelerated Mobile Pages also known as AMP, many of our customers are eager to know if this is supported.

The best news of all for WordPress sites wanting to use AMP is that there is a plugin created by Automattic that adds AMP support to your site. You can find the AMP WordPress plugin here:

AMP provides the ability for your WordPress posts to load incredibly faster than they currently do.

The idea behind the project is to help website owners decrease the amount of bounce rates on their sites that are due to posts loading too slow.

AMP does this by following Google’s strict set of optimizations, some of which include allowing only asynchronous scripts, keeping all third party JavaScript out of the critical path, inlining all CSS, and much more.

For more information on what AMP can do for your WordPress site, feel free to check out the following WP Tavern article:

If you find yourself wanting a deeper technical understanding of everything AMP does and provides, I would recommend looking at the documentation put out directly by Google which can be found here:

Keep in mind that we are unable to provide technical support for AMP itself, so if you run into any issues with the AMP WordPress plugin, we do recommend reaching out to the plugin developers for assistance.

Source: WP Engine & AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) | WP Engine®

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